Events And Dates

During The American Revolution Era That Have Been Excerpted From

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These excerpts and the cover story are intended to act only as a timeline for the various conflicts and to give the reader a sense of  the context of the volume. The material included in this sample may be used and reprinted by students and for non-commercial use by the individual; however, no part of this sample may be reproduced or transmitted  in any manner whatsoever, except those aforementioned  without written permission of the publisher.   

Listing of the States.

1.) Alabama (22nd State) December 14th 1819.

2.) Alaska (49th State) January 3rd 1959.

3.) Arizona (48th State) February 11th 1912.

4.) Arkansas (25th State) June 15th 1836.

5.) California (:31st State) September 9th 1850.

6.) Colorado (:38th State) August 1st 1876.

7.) Connecticut (5th State) January 9th 1788.

8.) Delaware (1st State) December 7th 1787.

9.) Florida (27th State) March :3rd 1845.

10.) Georgia (4th State) January 2nd 1788.

11.) Hawaii (50th State) August 21st 1959.

12.) Idaho (43rd State) July 3rd 1890.

13.) Illinois (21st State) December 3rd 1818.

14.) Indiana (19th State) December 11th 1816.

15.) Iowa (29th State) December 28th 1846.

16.) Kansas (34th State) January 29th 1861.

17.) Kentucky (15th State) June 1st 1792.

18.) Louisiana (18th State) April :30th 1812.

19.) Maine (23rd State) March 15th 1820.

20.) Maryland (7th State) April 28th 1788.

21.) Massachusetts (6th State) February 6th 1788.

22.) Michigan (26th State) January 26th 1837.

23.) Minnesota (32nd State) May 11th 1858.

24.) Mississippi (20th State) December 10th 1817.

25.) Missouri (24th State) August 10th 1821.

26.) Montana (41st State) November 8th 1889.

27.) Nebraska (:37th State) March 1st 1867.

28.) Nevada (:36th State) October 31st 1864.

29.) New Hampshire (9th State) June 21st 1788.

30.) New Jersey (3rd State) December 18th 1787.

31.) New Mexico (47th State) January 6th 1912.

32.) New York (11th State) July 26th 1788.

33.) North Carolina (12th State) November 21st 1879.

34.) North Dakota (39th State) November 2nd 1899.

35.) Ohio (17th State) March 1st 1803.

36.) Oklahoma (46th State) November 16th 1907.

37.) Oregon (33rd State) February 14th 1859.

38.) Pennsylvania (2nd State) December 12th 1787.

39.) Rhode Island (13th State) May 29th 1790.

40.) South Carolina (8th State) May 23rd 1788.

41.) South Dakota (40th State) November 2nd 1889.

42.) Tennessee (16th State) June 1st 1796.

43.) Texas (28th State) December 29th 1845.

44.) Utah (45th State) January 4th 1896.

45.) Vermont (14th State) March 4th 1791.

46.) Virginia (10th State) June 25th 1788.

47.) Washington (42nd State) November 11th 1889.

48.) West Virginia (35th State) June 20th 1863.

49.) Wisconsin (30th State) May 29th 1848.

50.) Wyoming (44th State) July 10th 1890.

Other Possessions of The United States include

-Guam - claimed by the U.S. June 22nd 1898 and took official control on December 10th 1898 after the signing of the Treaty of Paris at the conclusion of the Spanish American War.

-Puerto Rico - (December 10th 1898 at the signing of the Treaty of Paris.

-The Virgin Islands - taken over by the United States from Denmark on March :31st 1917. Negotiations for the islands had been completed during August of 1916 with the understanding that possession by the United States would become official on January 1st 1917. The U.S. pays Denmark a sum of $25,000,000 (25 million dollars) for these Islands.

In addition, Washington, D.C. is part of the United States but not a State in itself. Land had been donated by surrounding States for use as a Federal Capital and designated as The District of Columbia.

Presidents of The United States of America.

1.) George Washington (Virginia) April: 30th 1789-March 4th 1797. Married to Martha Dandridge Custis Washington.

2.) John Adams (Massachusetts) March 4th 1797-March 4th 1801. Married to Abigail Smith Adams.

3.) Thomas Jefferson (Virginia) March 4th 18(11-March 4th 1809. Married to Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson.

4.) James Madison (Virginia) March 4th 1809-March 4th 1817. Married to Dorothea "Dolley" Payne Todd Madison.

5.) James Monroe (Virginia) March 4th 1817-March 4th 1825. Married to Elizabeth Kortright Monroe.

6.) John Quincy Adams (Massachusetts) March 4th 1825-March 4th 1829. Married to Louise Catherine Johnson Adams.

7.) Andrew Jackson (Tennessee) March 4th 1829-March 4th 1837. Rachel Donelson Robards Jackson.

8.) Martin Van Buren (New York) March 4th 18:37-March 4th 1841. Married to Hannah Hoes Van Buren.

9.) William Henry Harrison (Ohio) March 4th 1841-April 4th 1841(1 month). Married to Anna Symmes Harrison President Harrison succumbs to pneumonia and is replaced by his Vice President John Tyler.

10.) John Tyler (Virginia) April 4th 1841-March 4th 1845. President Tyler takes the oath of Office on the 6th of April. Married to Leticia Christian Tyler.

11.) James Polk (Tennessee) March 4th 1845-March 4th 1849). Married to Sarah Childress Polk.

12.) Zachary Taylor ( Louisiana ) March 4th 1849-July 9th 1850. Married to Margaret Smith Taylor. (President Tyler dies of natural causes). Vice President Millard Fillmore assumes the office and finishes the term.

13.)Millard Fillmore ( New York) July 9th 1850-March 4th 1853. Married to Abigail Powers Fillmore (dies in 1853) Married for a second time to Caroline Carmichael Fillmore.

14.) Franklin Pierce (New Hampshire) March 4th 1853-March 4th 1857. Married to Jane Means Appleton Pierce.

15.) James Buchanan (Pennsylvania) March 4th 1857-March 4th 1861. President Buchanan does not marry.

16.) Abraham Lincoln (Illinois) March 4th 1861-April 14-15 1865. Married to Mary Todd Lincoln. President Lincoln is assassinated during the evening of the 14th and succumbs on the 15th. Vice President Andrew Johnson assumes the office.

17.) Andrew Johnson (Tennessee) April 15 1865-March 4th 1865. Married to Eliza McCardle Johnson.

18.) Ulysses Simpson Grant (Illinois) March 4th 1869-March 4th 1877. Married to Julia Dent Grant.

19.) Rutherford Birchard Hayes (Ohio) March 4th 1877-March 4th 1881. Married to Lucy Ware Webb Hayes.

20.) James Abram Garfield (Ohio) March 4th l881- September 19th 1881 (dies at his home of natural causes. Vice President Chester A. Arthur assumes the office President Garfield married Lucretia Rudolf Garfield.

21.) Chester Alan Arthur (Vermont) September 20th l881-March 4th 1885. Married Ellen Lewis Herndon Arthur.

22.)Grover Cleveland (New Jersey) March 4th 1885-March 4th - 1889. Married to Frances Folsom Cleveland.

23.)Benjamin Harrison (Ohio) March 4th 1889-March 4th 1893. Married to Caroline Lavinia Scott Harrison who dies during 1892. President Harrison marries for the second time, Mary Scott Lord Dimmick Harrison.

24.)Grover Cleveland (New Jersey) March 4th 1893-March 4th 1897. President Cleveland serves his second term but it is not consecutive.

25.)William McKinley (Ohio) March 4th 1897-September 14th 1901. President McKinley dies from wounds suffered when an assassin's bullet struck him on September 6th 1901. Vice President Theodore Roosevelt assumes the Presidency. President McKinley married Ida Saxton.

26.)Theodore Roosevelt (New York) September 14th 1901-March 4th 1909. Married Alice Hathaway Lee Roosevelt who dies during 1884. President Roosevelt marries for a second time; Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt

27.)William Howard Taft (Ohio) March 4th 1909-March 4th 1913. Married Helen Heron Taft.

28.)Wood row Wilson (Virginia) March 4th 1913-March 4th 1921. Married Ellen Louis Axson Wilson.

29.)Warren Gamaliel Harding (Ohio) March 4th 1921-August 2nd 1923 (dies in office). Married Florence King DeWolfe Harding. Vice President Calvin Coolidge assumes the Presidency and takes the oath the following day.

30.)Calvin Coolidge (Vermont) August :3rd 192:3-March 4th 1929. Married Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge.

31.)Herbert Hoover (Iowa) March 4th 1929-March 4th 19:3:3. Married Lou Henry Hoover.

32.)Franklin Delano Roosevelt (New York) March 4th 1933-April 12th 1945 dies in office. Married Anna Eleanor Roosevelt Roosevelt. Vice President Harry Truman assumes the Presidency.

33.)Harry S Truman (Missouri) April 20th l945-January 20th 1953. Married Bess Wallace Truman.

34.) Dwight David Eisenhower (Texas) January 20th l953-January 20th 1961. Married Mamie Geneva Doud Eisenhower.

35.)John Fitzgerald Kennedy (Massachusetts) January 20th 1961 - November 22nd 1963. Married Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy. President Kennedy is assassinated. Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson assumes the Presidency.

36.)Lyndon Baines Johnson (Texas) November 22nd 1963-January 20th 1969. Married Claudia "Lady Bird" Alta Taylor Johnson.

37.) Richard Nixon (California) January 20th 1969 - August 9th 1974. Married to Thelma Catherine Patricia Ryan Nixon. President Nixon resigns from office on August 9th 1974. Vice President Gerald R. Ford, who had replaced Vice President Spiro Agnew during October of 1973, assumes the Presidency and will nominate Nelson Rockefeller for the Vice Presidency (25th Amendment to Constitution).

38.)Gerald R. Ford (Nebraska) August 9th 1974-January 20th 1977. Married Elizabeth "Betty" Bloomer Warren Ford. President Ford is the first non-elected President. President Ford is also the first non-elected Vice President chosen under the guidelines of the 25th Amendment.

39.)Jimmy (James Earl) Carter (Georgia) January 20th l977-January 20th 1981. Married Rosalyn Smith Carter.

40.)Ronald Reagan (Illinois) January 20th 1981-(Second term ends January 20th 1989). President Reagan married Anne Frances "Nancy" Robbins Davis Reagan. President Reagan had been married previously to Jane Wyman.

41.)George Herbert Walker Bush (Texas) January 20th 1989-January 20th 1993. Married Barbara Pierce Bush.

42.) William Jefferson Blythe Clinton (Arkansas) January 20th 1993. Second term ends January 20th, 2000. Bill Clinton is the first person to become a war protestor (Vietnam War) and subsequently be elected as the President of the United States.

43 George W. Bush elected January 20th 2001-Reelected 2nd Term January 20 2005. Married Laura Welch Bush

Vice Presidents of the United States.

1.) John Adams (Massachusetts) April 1789-March 1797. (Served under President Washington).

2.) Thomas Jefferson (Virginia) March 1797-March 1801. (Served under President John Adams).

3.) Aaron Burr (New York) March 1801-March 1805. (Served under President Jefferson).

4.) George Clinton (New York) March 1805-April 20th 1812 (dies in office). (Served under Presidents Jefferson and Madison).

5.) Elbridge Gerry (Massachusetts) March 4th 1813-November 23rd 1814. (Served under President Madison).

6.) Daniel D. Tompkins (New York) March 4th 1817-March 4th 1825. (Served under President Monroe).

7.) John C. Calhoun (New York) March 4th 1825-March 4th 1832. (Resigns to take a position in the U.S. Senate) (Served under Presidents John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson).

8.) Martin Van Buren (New York) March 4th 1833-March 4th 1837. (Served under President Jackson).

9.) Richard M. Johnson (Kentucky) March 4th 1837-March 4th 1841. (Served under President Van Buren).

10.) John Tyler (Virginia) March 4th 1841-April 4th 1841. Becomes President after the death of President Harrison and the Vice Presidency remains vacant.

11.) George M. Dallas (Pennsylvania) March 4th 1845-March 4th 1849. (Served under President Polk).

12.) Millard Fillmore (New York) March 4th l849 - July 9th 1850. (Becomes President after the death of President Taylor). The Vice Presidency remains vacant.

13.) William R. King (North Carolina) King is elected with President Pierce but dies during April of 1853 leaving the Vice Presidency vacant until March of 1857.

14.) John C. Breckinridge (Kentucky) March 4th 1857-March 4th 1861. Breckinridge becomes a Confederate General during the Civil War. (Served under President Buchanan).

15.) Hannibal Hamlin ( Maine) March 4th 1861-March 4th 1865. (Served under President Lincoln).

16.) Andrew Johnson (Tennessee ) March 4th 1865-April 15th 1865. (Becomes President after the assassination of President Lincoln

17.) Schuyler Colfax (Indiana) March 4th 1869-March 4th 187:3. Served under President U.S. Grant).

18.) Henry Wilson (Massachusetts) March 4th 1873-November 22nd 1875. Dies in office (Served under President Grant).

19.) William A. Wheeler (New York) March 4th 1877-March 4th 1881. (Served under President Hayes).

20.) Chester A. Arthur (New York) March 4th 1881 September 20th 1881. Becomes President after the death of President Garfield.

21.) Thomas A. Hendricks (Indiana) March 4th 1885-November 25th 1885. Dies in office (Served under President Cleveland).

22.) Levi P. Morton (New York) March 4th 1889-March 4th 1893. (Served under President Harrison).

23.) Adlai E. Stephenson (Illinois) March 4th 189:3-March 4th 1897. (Served under President Cleveland).

24.)Garret A. Hobart (New Jersey) March 4th 1897-November 21st 1899. Dies in office (Served under President McKinley).

25.) Theodore Roosevelt (New York) March 4th 190l-September 14th 1901. Becomes President upon death of President McKinley.

26.) Charles W. Fairbanks (Indiana) March 4th 1905-March 4th 1909. (Served under President Theodore Roosevelt).

27.) James S. Sherman (New York) March 4th 1909-October 30th 1912. Dies in office (Served under President Taft).

28.) Thomas R. Marshall (Indiana) March 4th 1913-March 4th 1921. (Served under President Wilson).

29.) Calvin Coolidge (Massachusetts) March 13th 1921-August 2nd 1923. Becomes President after the death of President Harding.

30.) Charles Ci. Dawes (Illinois) March 4th 1925-March 4th 1929. (Served under President Coolidge).

31.) Charles Curtis March 4th 1929-March 4th 1933. (Served under President Hoover).

32.) John Nance Garner (Texas) March 4th 1933-January 20th 1937. Reelected with President Roosevelt during 1936 and inaugurated on January 20th 1937, becoming first Vice President inaugurated at a time other than March (Due to 20th Amendment to Constitution). Garner serves full second term.

33.) Henry Agard Wallace (Iowa) January 20th 1941-January 20th 1945. (Served under President F.D. Roosevelt).

34.) Harry S Truman (Missouri) January 20th 1945-April 12th 1945. Becomes President upon death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

35.) Alben W. Barkley (Kentucky) January 20th 1949-January 20th 1953. (Served under President Truman).

36.) Richard M. Nixon (California) January 20th 1953-1961. (Served under President Eisenhower).

37.) Lyndon B. Johnson (Texas) January 20th 1961-November 22nd 1963. Becomes President after the death of President John F Kennedy. :38. Hubert H. Humphrey (Minnesota) January 20th 1965-January 20th 1969. (Served under President Johnson).

38.) Hubert H. Humphrey (Minnesota) January 20th 1965-January 20th 1969. (Served under President Johnson.

39.) Spiro T. Agnew (Maryland) January 20th 1969-November 10th 197:3. (Resigns after pleading no contest on tax evasion charges) (Served under President Nixon).

40.)Gerald R. Ford (Michigan) Nominated by President Nixon on October 12th 1973 to fill the unexpired term of Spiro Agnew. Gerald Ford is confirmed by Congress and sworn in on the 6th of December 1973 (Authorized by 25th Amendment to the Constitution which spells out process of nominating Vice President for fulfilling unexpired term). Vice President Ford assumes the Presidency after the resignation of President Nixon on August 9th 1974).

41.) Nelson Rockefeller (Maine) President Ford nominates Rockefeller on August 20th 1974. He is confirmed by Congress on December 19th 1974 and takes the oath of office on the Same day.

42.) Walter Mondale (Minnesota) January 4th 1977-January 4th 1981. (Serves under President Carter).

43.) George Bush (Texas) January 20th 1981-January 20th 1985. Reelected with President Reagan in 1984. Vice President Bush's term expires on January 20th 1989.

44.) J. Danforth Quayle (Indiana) January 20th, 1989-January 20th 1993. Serves under President Bush.

45.) Al Gore January 20th, 1993. Second term ends January 20th 2001. Serves under Bill Clinton.

46.) Dick Cheney January 20, 2001 Reelected Second Term January 20, 2005. Serves under President George W. Bush.