A Patriotic Star-Spangled Trilogy
SalutesOld Glory, Our Stars and Stripes,
The Eternal Flag, Of The United States Of America

The Eternal Flag

Flags have come and Flags have gone, but the American Flag is here to stay. As each crisis evolves, Our Flag always waves a little prouder in the wind. Just as a new wave in the ocean appears to take the place of the one that disappeared on >the beach, a new American Flag will blow in the breeze more proudly than the one that some tyrant will burn or tear.

Our Flag has always flown as a Beacon of Freedom in the wind for all the World to see, and even as they saw it burning in Tehran, they must have seen the majestic beauty of its disappearance in the wind, only to be reappearing a few feet to the left or right to be burned again. At first I felt resentment but after seeing it again and again, I can look back and almost thank those inconsiderate, supposed, Iranian students for helping bring together Americans of all ages.

Their barbaric burning of the greatest Flag of them all, has sent sparks flying that have welded the American people into one. Almost as if the smoke from their fires traveled across the ocean and reassembled the Flags to fly higher and prouder than ever before.

It is time to stop trying to please everyone in the World. Americans have helped at one time or another almost every Country in the World, and did so because they wanted to help, not because they needed any glory. Many Americans have literally given their lives to liberate thousands upon thousands of imprisoned people throughout our history. We have not only helped people, but entire nations. And how quickly they forget.

Even while we were held at bay by a small and almost uncivilized band of Revolutionaries, using Americans as hostages, the Americans as usual were holding their heads high, and acting in a way that all nations should act, but it was difficult to watch helplessly as the hostages had their dignity trampled, and their lives endangered.

America, you should be commended for your brave restraint. It would have been easy to unleash your unimaginable strength on our adversaries, but that would have harmed many innocent people, and that is not the American way. Your respect for the lives of many people has once again shown the American way as the best way. We can be assured of a much greater love of Country, Freedom, and the Foresight to realize that the Iranians and anyone else who have not learned from history what great things America has done unselfishly for the rest of the World, are no longer important, but that it is important that we as Americans be aware of it.

Maybe now, the people in the rest of the World will realize that the American Flag can be wounded, but never fatally. Neither burning or tearing will ever eradicate the Eternal Flag of the United States of America or the unequaled acts of valor and bravery of its countless deeds in defense of Freedom throughout the World. The American Flag is an indelible mark, for us and our posterity, that possesses the unique ability to shine brighter under stress and the durability to withstand intimidation by adversaries anywhere in the World.

America I salute you and I thank God that the American Flag in the proud American tradition will always be here to help those in need.

By God, It Really Does Feel Good To Be An American.

The Eternal Flag was composed by Bud Hannings during the Iranian crisis during 1979-1981.




BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT THE STARS AND STRIPES shall rise from the cradle of Liberty to defend the United States from all aggressors and protect all Americans. Let no adversary contemplate nor attempt to commit to action to inflict harm against its shores or its citizens.

THE STARS AND STRIPES shall belong to every American and every would-be American, those who have gone, those who are here and those who will come, as the Stars and Stripes is America. Let it be known and proclaimed around the world, that a renowned American Patriot, John Paul Jones, has immortalized the Stars and Stripes , while he gallantly hoisted our National Ensign, aboard the 18-Gun Sloop, the Ranger: "THAT FLAG (Stars and Stripes) AND I ARE TWINS BORN IN THE SAME HOUR FROM THE SAME WOMB OF DESTINY. WE CANNOT BE PARTED IN LIFE OR DEATH. SO LONG AS WE CAN FLOAT, WE SHALL FLOAT TOGETHER. IF WE MUST SINK, WE SHALL GO DOWN AS ONE."

The gallant Stars and Stripes further bolstered her immortality at Fort McHenry during the War of 1812, and the summer of 1813, while the Americans were preparing to defend the cause and die for the Stars and Stripes. Here against a monumental threat of a mortal blow, Major Armistead sent a letter to Sam Smith, proclaiming: "WE SIR, ARE READY AT FORT McHENRY TO DEFEND BALTIMORE AGAINST INVADING BY THE ENEMY, AND IT IS MY DESIRE TO HAVE A FLAG SO LARGE THAT THE BRITISH WILL HAVE NO DIFFICULTY IN SEEING IT FROM A DISTANCE." The Stars and Stripes was raised and soon after, she prevailed, of course, setting the course for the Stars and Stripes to afterward also become known as the "Star Spangled Banner, another revered name for our American Eternal Flag, the Stars and Stripes of these United States of America.

The Stars and Stripes in her majestic beauty shall always sail the seas, blanket the stars and trumpet the advance of her valiant warriors who shall forever remain the vanguard of Liberty. They shall parade in noble cadence to safeguard the dignity, character, honor and soul of the majestic Stars and Stripes.

Our Stars and Stripes and her perpetual endless line of heroes have made this country the greatest nation the world has ever seen. Since the inception of this world, countless billions of people have passed through; however, only a sparse number of these people have had the privilege of calling themselves "American," a privilege granted by the Grace of God and His creation of the United States and its magnificent Flag, our Stars and Stripes, whose destiny shall be to soar forever, high above this most blessed land.

The Stars and Stripes, which has valiantly defended this nation and led its heroes through the bludgeoned battlefields and blood-stained oceans for more than two hundred years to preserve our heritage is and shall remain, the invincible spine of the indefatigable American Spirit, the soul of Liberty, and the velvet threads of golden glory that have solemnly caressed the caskets of our fallen heroes, under the crackle of rifle fire, as we bid them farewell. She shall also continue to hover nearby while a gentle hand touches the heart during the Pledge of Allegiance or during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner.

The Stars and Stripes is the Eternal Flag, the ever-present sentry of Freedom and the symbol of the Land we love. All may love it, respect it and revere it, but no one can own it. The Stars and Stripes is our symbol, our pride, our heritage and the blood of our ancestors as well as the oxygen for our posterity. It is the beacon of freedom for all the world to see.

The Stars and Stripes is the Eternal Flag that waves a little prouder in the wind as each crisis evolves and just as a new wave in the ocean appears to take the place of one that disappears on the beach, a new Flag will blow in the breeze, more proudly than the one that some tyrant will burn or tear.

The Stars and Stripes will always be here to help those in need; yes, she is the Eternal Flag of the United States of America, now and forever. May the blessings of God always shine upon her.

Seniram Publishing, Glenside, PA © 1999

There s Our Flag, 

She s Yours and Mine

There's our Flag, flying so proud

She s all around in every town

Brings a chill, right through my spine

Our Grand ole Flag, she's yours and mine

Ole Glory, she s seen it all

Her Stars and Stripes, still standing tall

She's our Flag, flying so proud

She's all around, in every town

She's alway s there for you and me

Our Stars and Stripes will keep us free

What a sight, oh what a sight

The Stars and Stripes all day and night

If you‘re out at sea, or in a plane

You're sure to see our Stars and Stripes

Many brave men have made it be

Our Grand ole flag still keeps us free

She's flying proud for the USA

She's standing tall every night and day

There is no way, no way at all

Our Stars and Stripes will ever fall

She's here today, tomorrow too

Ole Glory's here for me and you

So when you see her marching by

Don t feel sad if you want to cry

It s a tear of joy a happy sigh

Our Grand Ole Flag will never die

There she is, She's standing tall

Protecting us, protecting all

Protecting us, protecting all

Protecting us, protecting all

Protecting us, protecting all

Bud Hannings , Glenside, Pennsylvania 19038 copyright © 1989

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