Bud Hannings

Bud Hannings Bud Hannings

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 Hannings was born in Philadelphia on 5 June, 1942. He was educated in the Philadelphia
Catholic School system and soon after graduation in 1960, Hannings joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve and served in the Motor Pool through 1965.
 Hannings married Barbara Voneki during 1962 and together they had four children, three
daughters, Terri, Lori and Christine and one son, Joseph, the latter joining the Marines after
graduating high school in 1983.

 Hannings worked in the Trucking industry in marketing and later he established an independent agency that handled cross country shipments. During 1983, Hannings was elected to local office as a conservative Republican and served eight years as a commissioner of Abington Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

 Hannings had long been interested in history and writing, but his first published piece (The
Eternal Flag) did not occur until the latter part of 1979, at the time the American hostages were seized in Teheran. Later, Hannings began a project to compile a concise book on the history of the American flag, but the project expanded greatly when Hannings continued to discover obscure items of various heroes of American history, which prompted him to approach a publisher, but to no avail. Hannings’ work was returned to his door several days after he sent the manuscript to the publisher. The publisher claimed his work was a “bad idea, trying to promote history, while promoting patriotism and historical sites at the same time.”

 Hannings, read the rejection letter, concluded the publisher was wrong and decided to do it on his own by establishing a publishing company. Soon after he founded Seniram Publishing Incorporated, located in Glenside, Pennsylvania. Seniram, coincidentally is Marines spelled backwards. When asked how he came up with the name, Hannings said he recalled hearing that when you select a name, pick one that can be spelled in various ways but still sound the same and he added that he didn’t expect people to remember such a small publisher, but once they spelled it backwards, they would not forget it.

Hannings did publish his first book, A Portrait of the Stars and Stripes and he discovered the
lessons he learned about distribution by an unknown publisher. Hannings also discovered that without a national reputation, the road to success was difficult, if not insurmountable. Friends, both civilian and in the military suggested that Hannings should have abandoned the publishing company and consider giving up writing. However, Hannings had not yet convinced himself that he had an unwinnable situation.

 Rather than quitting, he remembered the words of his drill instructors telling him that nothing
was insurmountable for a Marine and that Marines never quit. Hannings followed with a huge volume on World War II, composed of more than 900,000 words, which contained daily coverage of combat in all three theaters of the war. The book was a success with great reviews, however, wide distribution and recognition still remained in the distance. The thought of quitting continued to swirl around in Hannings’ head, but the idea of defeat didn’t.

 Hannings remained convinced that the endless line of military achievements and the innumerable amount of American heroes were being lost to obscurity. At the same time, he observed the flag being dishonored and the armed forces receiving either bad press or no press. Hannings decided to continue his work against the odds and with his instincts that it was important that the American heroes be remembered by posterity.

Later, Hannings left the trucking industry and faced a decision whether to start something new or devote all of his time to writing. He chose the latter. In the meantime, Hannings began to work with McFarland and Company, a publisher of scholarly works, located in Jeffersonville, North Carolina. Since that time, through McFarland, Hannings has published “Forts of the United States,” a history of the forts, camps and missions established in the United States over a 400-year period. Another, “The Korean War, an Exhaustive Chronology, which details the Korean War on a daily basis has also been released. These were followed by “The American Revolution, a Chronology,” composed of about 600,000 word was published during 2008 and his next piece, “Leaders of the
American Revolution, which provides a biography on just under 400 men. And yet another, “Every Day of the Civil War, A Chronological Encyclopedia, composed of just under 700,000 words was published during June of 2010.
 Hannings, more than 25 years after the original thought, finally published what he terms his little book on the flag (The Story of the American Flag) during 2001. The book, referred to as his “military sidekick” is a diminutive soft cover book, which is packed with interesting facts on the armed forces and the flag. It includes a chronology of the armed forces, a selection of quotes and other information including flag etiquette. It also includes the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution.

Hannings learned from the National Archives that his book, “Forts of the United States,” had been selected by the archives at its College Park facility and in Washington, D.C. as a reference source and he was informed that A Portrait of the Stars and Stripes and A Portrait of the Stars and Stripes, Volume II (World War II) have also been cataloged at the Archives as reference sources. In addition, the National Archives has selected the Korean War, An Exhaustive Chronology, the Chronology of the American Revolution and The Leaders of the American Revolution, Every Day of the Civil War  and The French and Indian War as part of their reference collection.

 Hannings has been writing for nearly thirty years and his plans are to complete other works that are in progress, including the War of 1812 and the Mexican War. Hannings sometimes takes a break from the tedious business of researching and relaxes by writing children’s books, a series of short stories, in which he uses his grand children and centers the stories around the youngest, Lauren. Lauren, the little heroine tells the stories of various saints through the eyes of a child.

Hannings is also working on a book on the Lives of the Saints and simultaneously he is writing yet another piece on the History of the Catholic Church with emphasis on the Church’s involvement with military actions through the ages including the Crusades and the various clashes with the Moslems and the Ottoman Empire. Hannings wants to provide a glimpse into the lives of the saints with sufficient information for a student to be able to turn in a report that can scan the entire life of the saints. 

Reviews Below WEBSITE: http://usmilitarthistory.com for more information
 Book Reviews:

Forts of the United States: An Historical Dictionary, 16th through 19th Centuries
(Selected by the National Archives for their reference section)

Bud Hannings ISBN 978-0-7864-1796-4
“Meticulous research…useful…impressive and thorough…recommended”—Booklist/RBB
“Valuable…a tremendous amount of information”—ARBA
“Superb”—C&RL News

“highly recommended”—The Midwest Book Review
“a wealth of information…valuable”—The Library of Virginia
“comprehensive…highly accurate tome…Hannings is a genius at research and organizational detail…of great value”—Leatherneck

“Hannings has hit another home run…exhaustively researched and meticulously ocumented…superb…backs up his text with an exhaustive, detailed bibliography…an even-handed approach to history, neither slighting nor favoring individual states or the factions that are now interwoven as the fabric of our military history…a remarkable book, and one that deserves to find an audience beyond libraries…middle and high school students will gain an appreciation of their own local history by completing assignments and reports that draw upon Bud Hannings’ sources…. Buy it, read it, treasure it, and pass it down to your children and grandchildren”—Infantry Magazine.

The Korean War An Exhaustive Chronology Bud Hannings (Selected by the National Archives for their reference section)

Foreword by General P.X. Kelley, USMC (Ret.), 28th Commandant ISBN 978-0-7864-2814-4
Detailed…an excellent purchase”—Booklist/RBB
Highly recommended”—The Midwest Book Review
Hannings’ work easily can become a cornerstone reference about one of the most difficult and misunderstood wars in recent history…appendices…provide significant statistics and supplemental information…it is an impressive work”—Leatherneck
subtitle is certainly correct…extensive details for each day about combat, administrative, diplomatic, and political operations, events, issues, and themes…this important work will probably be the definitive chronology…for some time to come”—ARBA
Bud Hannings’ long awaited history of the Korean War has arrived, and it was well worth the
wait…exhaustive research”—Infantry
meticulously constructed record…valuable…gives readers an intimate look at combat…recommended”—Reference Reviews.


Chronology of the American Revolution Military and Political Actions Day by Day
(Selected by the National Archives for their reference section)  Bud Hannings ISBN 978-0-7864-2948-6
Recommended”—Library Journal
Straightforward…extensive…an excellent resource”—Booklist/RBB
Excellent…superb period illustrations…highly recommended…a great reference source for all students of history…fascinating facts”—Leatherneck
highly recommended”—The Midwest Book Review
monumental…well-illustrated”—C&RL News
students will relish this detailed account…an immensely useful resource”—School Library Journal
meticulously researched and detailed…excellent”—ARBA
meticulously researched…provides a wealth of information…valuable”—Against the Grain.
meticulous attention to detail…monumental painstaking work…detail in this book is simply
phenomenal, and in addition to being a superb research resource it is simply a great read”—Infantry

 American Revolutionary War Leaders A Biographical Dictionary (Selected by the National Archives for their reference section)

Bud Hannings ISBN 978-0-7864-4379-6
The main value of this volume are the entries on the lesser-known and obscure figures…should also be commended for his persistence in trying to track down so many unknown individuals…recommended”—Library Journal
Excellent…a monumental compilation of well-written and painstakingly researched biographies…a
tremendous and timely resource”—School Library Journal
“Informative…comprehensive and definitive…impressive…highly recommended”—The Midwest Book Review.
An exceptional resume of historical reference works…superb…amazing detail…an insightful and
entertaining look into the great leaders…” Leatherneck.

Every Day of the Civil War A Chronological Encyclopedia (Selected by the National Archives for their reference section)
Bud Hannings ISBN 978-0-7864-4464-9 Publication Date: June 2010.
exhaustive…recommended for a general audience with a significant interest in the Civil War”—Library Journal
fascinating and informative…readers will gain considerable knowledge about the Civil War from this book…highly recommended”—Choice
exceptional historical reference”—Leatherneck Magazine
“might go further than any prior effort in chronicling the war’s military features”—Civil War Books and Authors
a good source”—ARBA
wonderfully made”—This Mighty Scourge.

The French and Indian War (Selected by the National Archives for their reference section) Bud Hannings ISBN 978-07864-4906-4 Publication Date Spring 2011 Available Now.
The War of 1812
Publication date spring/summer 2012

Combined Reviews for Portrait of the Stars and Stripes and Portrait of the Stars and Stripes II.
Portrait of The Stars and Stripes–Seniram Publishing, Glenside, Pennsylvania (covers the American Revolution to the conclusion of World War I) and Portrait of The Stars and Stripes, Volume II–Seniram Publishing, Glenside, Pennsylvania (Covers the period 1919 until the conclusion of World War II)
Leatherneck Magazine: “…staggering amount of information…not the usual nonsense by some egghead author about the whys and wherefores…it merely says what took place in brief straightforward terms.”
General Al M. Gray, 29th Commandant, USMC Ret.:
“…rapid-paced and gripping chronicle…a factual depiction of the U.S. Military.”
Military Review: “…a virtual patriotic encyclopedia covering its chosen period.”

Stars and Stripes (National Tribune): “…unashamed, patriotic chronicle of America at war-stirring tribute…the heroes are back”
General P. X. Kelley, 28th Commandant, USMC, Ret:”Volumes I and II, A Portrait of the Stars and Stripes are among the most important reference books on the armed forces ever written.” “…excellent books…” –
Infantry Magazine: “Superb…”
Vice Admiral William P. Lawrence, USN Ret., former Chief of Naval Personnel:
“…unabashedly patriotic…an utterly praiseworthy work…superb reference book.”
Mr. John Lehman, former Secretary the Navy:
“A book for the times, when Americans are searchng for their roots and for inspiration…”
Major General George S. Patton, USA, Ret.:
“…magnificent..unique contribution to the history of the nation.”
Navy Times:”A one-of-a-kind book, destined to be equally at home with the college scholar and the high school dropout.”
Marine Corps Gazette: “weighs in heavily on individual accomplishments…a reference to be savored.”
Colonel Bill White, USMC Ret. Editor Leatherneck Magazine:
Two extraordinary books…no red-blooded citizen will find these books boring…”
Mr. Frank Rizzo (late), former Mayor Philadelphia, Pa.: Outstanding…a comprehensive overview of the facts…a tremendous reference for teachers and students alike.”
Armor (Fort Knox): “…a patriotic experience…gives accurate coverage to individuals on both sides of the conflict.”
The Bookreader (San Francisco):
“Unabashedly patriotic…the research is immense…an utterly praiseworthy work”
Savannah Morning News: “A book for people who get tears in their eyes when the Flag goes by.”

Mr. Henry “Bud” Shaw, Chief Historian, USMC, retired:
“A great work…superlative job that shows incredible research, stamina and drive.”
General William C. Westmoreland, ret. Chief of Staff, U.S. Army:
“an accurate depiction of U.S. Military…serves worthy purpose for those interested in factual history.”
Military, The Press of Freedom:
“…the reader will be overwhelmed by the facts…outstanding example of scholarly research.”
The Friday Review (Dept. of Defense):
“these volumes are meant to be used by researchers and libraries…this is an astonishing achievement…the works deserve a prominent place in the nation’s recorded history files.”
Small Press Review: “the coverage is encyclopedic and dramatic…can be read for an unforgettable journey through the war.”
General Thomas Kelly, USA Ret.: “a great book.”
The Military Book Club (on volume II): “A massive and exceedingly thorough chronicle of the key military events from 1919-1945…this is one of those you-have-to-see-for- yourself books. We believe you’ll be as impressed as we are.”
National Defense Magazine (volume II): “a monumental chronological compilation…day-by-day snapshots by theatre and it is crossed referenced in a 62 page index…splendid source for recalling the agony and glory of World War II.”
Colonel Al Garland, Ret. Former Editor Infantry Magazine. “Excellent Works-heart stirring. The books vividly portray the Americans on the battlefield…an unabashedly patriotic panorama that should be read by every American.”.”

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