Jay Carney White House Spokesman Changes His Opinion.

Jay Carney formerly a reporter had at the time, bitterly complained that President Bush was taking a vacation at his ranch in Texas during August 2001. During this year, 2011, Michelle Obama,  has taken more than 40 days of vacation to various parts of the world.

At present, Barack Hussein Obama is preparing to go on a ten-day vacation at Martha’s Vinyard. Jay Carney, according to a quote in the Daily Telegraph has apparently now has a different outlook.

According to the Telegraph, while the “rating of the United States downgraded for the first time…,” Carney recently said: “I don’t think Americans out there would begrudge that notion that the president would spend some time with his family.”

Carney also stated in the same article: “there’s no such thing as a presidential vacation”.

I wonder if Jay Carney sent an apology to President Bush.


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