A Portrait of the Stars and Stripes,
Volume 1

(1770-1918) chronicles the Combat Actions of America's
Warriors beginning with the
American Revolution and continuing through World War I

Top Quality-Hard Cover-Library Bound. Manufactured and printed in USA.
A Portrait of the Stars and Stripes, Follows each Campaign, day-by-day with
430 pages and more than 200 photographs and it includes a comprehensive index.

Author :Bud Hannings
ISBN # 0-922564-00-0, Library of Congress Card #88-92574

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Volume begins with The Colonial Insurrections and follows America's Military through World War I.

Stand with the Minutemen at Lexington and Concord. Be there when Washington's men take Boston without firing a shot.

Struggle along with the with the Continental Army as it combines raw courage, pride and determination to forestall disaster and turn defeat into victory.

Sail the seas with John Paul Jones and John Barry when they engage and sometimes frustrate the King's finest.

Be there when the British surrender at Yorktown and see the Stars and Stripes unfurl in glory.

Watch in astonishment as both England and France begin to threaten the U.S. merchant shipping on the high seas, while the U.S. remains helpless.

Travel across the desert when the Marines seize Tripoli during 1805.

Follow the U.S. armed forces when they again take up arms to defeat the British during the War of 1812.

Feel the excitement when the Star Spangled Banner prevails at Fort McHenry.

And be with Andrew Jackson and LaFitte, the Pirate, when the British hit a giant wall of fire at New Orleans.

Feel the anguish of the defenders of the Alamo. And read the horror of their bodies being burned by Santa Anna.

Follow the U.S. Army as it expands west and be there when General Zachary Taylor moves to the Rio Grande to aid the Texans in their struggle against Mexico.

Follow the Mexican campaign on a daily basis and experience the action when Robert E. Lee, U.S. Grant, Jefferson Davis, George McClellan and other U.S. Officers lead the troops to spectacular victories.

Watch in agony as the Stars and Stripes gets badly torn when brother fights brother during the Civil War (War Between the States.)

Travel through each of the bloody battlefields as the Blue and the Gray each give the fullest and often the ultimate sacrifice as they fight for their cause.

Following the conclusion of our nation's bloodiest confrontation, rejoin the U.S. Army. Ride with the Cavalry as they engage what some have called the finest light cavalry in the world, the bare-back riding Indians.

Move with the U.S. force when it embarks for China during the Boxer Rebellion.

Be with the American Fleet during 1898 when it devastates the Spanish Armada in Manila Bay and again in Santiago Harbor.

Follow the Soldiers and Marines when they penetrate the jungles in the Philippines to root out Guerrillas during the Philippine Insurrection.

And join the Yanks when they go "Over there" to support the Allies and bring a successful conclusion to World War I.

Advance across France with the Yanks and form with the Marines at Belleau Wood, the turning point of the war.

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The Story of the American Flag

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