A Portrait of the Stars and Stripes,
Volume 2

Volume II (1919-1945) begins with the Bolshevik Revolution
in Russia and concludesafter the Yanks return "Over There"
and bring victory to the Allies.

More than 900,000 words
946 factual action-packed pages.
More than 575 photographs and maps.

Author :Bud Hannings
ISBN# 0-922564-01-09, Library of Congress Card # 88-92574

Seniram Publishing
P.O. Box 432,
Glenside, Pennsylvania 19038

Price: $50.00 Plus $4.00 S&H.
(Discounted price available when both volumes ordered)

Volume II picks up the action at the close of World War I.
Packed with useful and difficult to find reference material such as:

-Chief Naval Officers
-Senior Army Officers.
-Chairmen Joint Chiefs of Staff.
-Commandants USMC
-Medal of Honor recipients for the time period covered...Most are cross-referenced in text.
-Move with the Navy and Marines during the pre-war island campaigns
-Follow the National Socialists, under Hitler and the Bolsheviks in Russia. Experience the terror in Europe.
-Follow the messages between Japan and its couriers in Hawaii and Washington.
-Jump into the action as the bombs strike Pearl Harbor, then follow the Yanks when they go back "Over There."
-Travel with Old Glory through the anguish at Pearl Harbor to Rome and Berlin, then move beyond to Tokyo Bay
where General MacArthur triumphantly accepts the unconditional surrender of Japan.

Volume II - is a full chronology of the events leading to and through World War II and a Wealth of information concerning events effecting the World during this period of history.

-Sit in on the meeting between the Generals and Admirals at Pearl Harbor when it is decided that the Marines must defend the islands such as Wake and Midway because the Army has an insufficient amount of guns or ammunition, and the Army's Planes can patrol only a fifteen mile radius.

-Join the Americans who build the Alcan Highway that runs from Montana to Alaska to push supplies to the Russians and permit their pilots to safely fly to Russia without fear of facing the German Air Force. Read the astounding fact that Russian Planes took preference over U.S. Pilots.

-Following the rape of Nanking by the Japanese, read of their atrocities against U.S. Servicemen.
-See how Japanese severed the heads of several Marines that had been captured on Wake Island.

-Learn of the barbaric deeds of the Japanese against the civilians on Guam and the 105 American civilians captured on Wake Island. Take the dreaded walk with the "Battling Bastards of Bataan" as they are tortured and killed by Japanese.

-Learn of the Russian behavior as they overrun Eastern Europe.

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The Story of the American Flag

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