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The American Flag

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They call her by many names, and speak of whence she came, but surely by any name, its certain she's one and the same.
Way back, so very long ago, when England was our foe, she emerged to flutter in the breeze, the colonists made it so.

At first, when she arrived, around 1775, she wore several borrowed designs, although King George's was merrily declined.
With faith in the Divine, and a strong patriot's spine, the colonists did opine, while they worked on the grand design.

Some used trees of pine, or an anchor under stars, but others thought it to be Liberty's wake, on the flag appeared a rattlesnake.
April came and shots were fired, than the call went out, followed by shouts, its now or never, for Liberty, we'll fight forever.

The King was bold and quick to scold, but surely the colonists refused to fold. Instead they appealed to Heaven as it is told.
The banners waved, for freedom's cry, Liberty, Don't Tread on Me.
The call was heard across the sea, America will be free.

By God, proclaim that we are free, our banners wave across the land and on the sea, the flag of those who cherish liberty.
Time was quick and by ‘76, the British were humming, the Yanks were drumming, each a different tune, a battle very soon.

One day in January, it was to be, the Colors were struck as the flag of the Free and it was tagged to be, our Grand Union Flag.
They also called her "Congress' Colors," and by either name, she prepared for fame, with thirteen stripes of red and white.

The stripes were dressed with the crosses of Saints Andrew and George, up in the corner caressed in blue, as she so proudly flew.
By July it was clear, as the Fourth was so near, that the time had arrived to rise up with pride, ring the Bell, show no fear.

The Declaration was made, the Flag unfurled, with God's blessings just right, soon after came the birth of the Stars and Stripes.
On June 14th, 1777, it was an extraordinary day, oh yes they did say, for the Stars and the Stripes, God's timing was exactly right.

The sabers would clash, the cannon would fire, while Infantry and long muskets would compel the British to quickly retire.
At the end of the battle, the end of the day, the British at Yorktown had faltered, to make way for our Republic, the U.S.A.

The names they vary for that noble flag, but in all her glory, when you hear her story, its clear she's the emblem of Liberty.
They call her Old Glory, the Star Spangled Banner, the Grand Ole Flag and the Red White and Blue, with all of these true.

For Honor and Freedom, across this blessed land, she does stand, whether off in a foreign land or out at sea, she's always grand.
Our Grand Ole Flag, forever free, while under God for Liberty, always on scene to guard the free from all forms of tyranny.

She's our Star Spangled Banner, the banner we love, her Stars and Stripes, so bold and so bright, under God's precious light.
Other storms will come out of the night, but our gallant flag will stand up to the fight, blessed by God to do what is right.

Americans pledge allegiance to their flag and republic, "...One Nation under God, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all."
So stand and cheer for the Red White and Blue, she's God's gift to you, the Eternal Flag of the United States of America.

Written by Bud Hannings (Seniram Publishing)

Christmas Eve December 24, 2000

Red White and Blue Bar
God Bless America and God Bless the Stars and Stripes
Red White and Blue Bar

Copyright 2000 A.D. © Bud Hannings Seniram Publishing, Glenside Pennsylvania http://usmilitaryhistory.com

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