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There 's Our Flag, She's Yours and Mine

Red White and Blue Bar

There's Our Flag, flying so proud
She's all around in every town
Bring's a chill, right through my spine
Our Grand Ole Flag, She's yours and mine

Ole Glory, she's seen it all
Her Stars and Stripes still standing tall
She's our flag, flying so proud
She's all around in every town

She's always there for you and me
Our Stars and Stripes will keep us free
What a sight, oh what a sight
The Stars and Stripes all day and night

If you're out at sea or in a plane
You're sure to see the Stars and Stripes
Many brave men have made it be
Our Stars and Stripes still keeps us free

She's flying proud for the USA
She's standing tall every night and day
There is no way, no way at all
The Stars and Stripes will ever fall

She's here today, tomorrow too
Ole Glory's here for me and you
So when you see her marching by
Don't be afraid if you want to cry

It's a tear of joy, a happy sigh
Our Grand Ole Flag will never die
There she is, she's standing tall
Protecting us, protecting all
Protecting us, protecting all
Protecting us, protecting all
Protecting us, protecting all

Red White and Blue Bar
God Bless America And God Bless the Stars and Stripes
Red White and Blue Bar

Copyright 2001 © Bud Hannings Seniram Publishing
Glenside, Pennsylvania 19038

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The Story of the American Flag

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